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As a cantor, Liat had the privilege to participate in numerous Yom HaShoa, S’lichot Programs and concerts in
various Jewish communities.

Before her cantorial ordination, Liat performed in concerts and recitals throughout Israel and the United States,
bringing diverse audiences together with a variety of Jewish and international music. She has delighted and
stirred the souls of dozens of congregations and organizations (including Jewish Community Centers, B’Nai
Brith, B’Nai Zion, Hadassah, and the Workman’s Circle) in and around the New York – New Jersey
metropolitan area.

Among the Israeli and Russian – Jewish communities across the United States, Liat was the lead singer and
master of ceremony of the musical ensemble “Success”. Together with her accompanist of many years and the
leader of the group, Misha Forst, they were well-known performers. The audiences always received them
warmly and enthusiastically.

All of these varied experiences and cultures of Liat’s journey have contributed to her development as a person
and a cantor. It is this Liat who draws from her own life experiences, the joys and the sorrows, to turn the
life events of others into meaningful, memorable and ultimately uplifting occasions.