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In Liat’s own words: “The meaning of music to me could be compared with the gift of life and the blessing of
love. Music is the air that I breathe and my passion. It gives me comfort and brings me closer to God. Music
helps me to elevate words to a higher level and inspire others. It increases the celebration of happy moments
and lifts me up when life’s inevitable challenges ‘knock’ on my door. In other words, music is the wind beneath
my wings. I am eternally grateful to Adonai for blessing me with the enormous gift of music in my heart.”

Liat has been composing songs since she was a child. She writes music and lyrics in English, Hebrew and
Russian. If you would like an original song or customized lyrics to an existing melody, or your favorite poem
set to music for your event, please let Cantor Liat know in advance.

From the poetry in your heart, she will find and write the most appropriate lyrics to convey your feelings and
capture the essence of the occasion.

Now playing Cantor Liat’s original lyrics set to Nat King Cole music: “A Jewish Gypsy”