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What do I do with my representing Jewish tradition as clergy, knowing that these marriages are not included in
traditional Jewish practice?

On a personal level, I am all for preserving Jewish tradition and identity, and would be the last one who would
want to contribute to the growth of assimilation. Growing up in the former Soviet Union, I know what it was like
to struggle to keep my Jewish identity alive against all odds. However, as a Jew, I should always remember the
essence of Judaism, that there is only One God for all of us. In addition, I have deep personal beliefs based on
Jewish mystical traditions. Moreover, my life’s experiences confirmed these beliefs.

My fundamental credo is that we all are eternal souls who live many lives. As a soul I have to do as much as I
can and the best I can with each life’s experience, regardless of the gender, the religion or the role my soul has
been divinely given in each reincarnation.

Furthermore, I believe that a mutual feeling of love between two mature human beings is the sign of God’s blessing, and, therefore, it is not my place to be judgmental by turning this couple down.

Nevertheless, it is important to me, that this future new family will be exposed to Jewish traditions.
I will encourage the Jewish partner to maintain his/her Jewish identity, share his/her knowledge and experience
of Judaism and build a Jewish home.
This way, their coming willingly under the Chuppah will have a deeper meaning.