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EMSHALOM SMITH (Temple Emanu-El)

Cantor Liat Pelman- Forst taught and conducted our choir at Temle Emanu-El on Staten Island for five years.

Through voice training, musical timing, and even complex harmonies, Cantor Liat raised our level of performance to meet every challenge that our High Holy Days and Festival required. She led us and the congregation through services that achieved a transcendence well exceeding our highest expectations.

Her dedication served as an example for us to develop a certain discipline that enabled us to perform songs and melodies that were unusual, new to our ears, and in the Hebrew language, which many of us, at first, found to be difficult.

But beyond being an example to us and proving to be a joyous inspiration, there was and is the emotion and richness of her voice. Cantor Liat has the rare ability to move a congregation to profound spirituality by beautifully expressing the longing within every prayer. Moreover, even though I am among those in the choir who does have much experience with singing, my work in the choir elevated my skills and confidence.

Through her generosity and un-condescending personality, we all – congregation and choir – benefited from her gift and were thus blessed to have Cantor Liat leading our choir and synagogue.

Emshalom Smith
Temple Emanu-El
Staten Island