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MICHAEL AND LILLIAN (various life cycle events)

Lisa (Cantor Liat) Forst was absolutely fantastic and made our wedding day the one that people will remember for years to come!  She added that extra sparkle to our special day and we are very pleased that she hosted our wedding.  Lisa’s voice is amazing and she equally has the charm and humor to go with it.  In addition, she was very professional and sensitive in fulfilling our requests when it came to our Jewish-Russian background.

I realized that Lisa became a cantor at my father’s memorial service. I have the most
memorable and heart-wrenching memory of that service. A month later Cantor Lisa Forst conducted another gathering of family and friends at the cemetery. Again, she showed her sensitivity and strength; as we stood at the cemetery, she guided us in prayer and contemplative reflection.  Lisa was very patient with us and explained everything step by step, considering the fact that we came from the former USSR and that we don’t  have much experience when it comes to  Jewish traditions. Her understanding of the core elements of Judaism and her ability to impart that knowledge objectively changed my views towards Jewish traditions and aroused an interest for learning more.

Michael Rashkovsky

( Michael and Lillian)